Potential cure for AIDS. Making HIV dormant [Video]

This isn’t a post about an odd or unusual side effect. But it is quite interesting.

The cure for AIDS and Cancer alike seems to be far off in the distance. However, this could change in a forseeable future for the victims of AIDS. I honestly never thought I would be alive when a cure for AIDS would be found. Though, that may still be the case.

Researches in Queensland have discovered an HIV protein named “Nullbasic,” which was formed by mutating an exisisting HIV protein over many generations. The research team, led by David Harrich are so confident in their findings that animal trials may begin as early as this year.

Currently, HIV patients use expensive and powerful drugs to combat their HIV, usually with little success. Though this new protein may not eliminate HIV, it will reduce the cost of treatment for these patients.

David Harrich explains how it works: “I have never seen anything like it. The modified protein works every time. You would still be infected with HIV, it’s not a cure for the virus. But the virus would stay latent, it wouldn’t wake up, so it wouldn’t develop into AIDS. With a treatment like this, you would maintain a healthy immune system.”

There seems to be light at the end of this long, dark, and scary tunnel. Or at least, let’s hope so.


Sweet Tea & Soda Could Make You Depressed


Among a study of more than 260,000 individuals a link has been found between depression and soft drinks. In 1995-96 these 260,000 between the ages of 50 and 71 were tracked on their consumption of soda, sweetened tea, coffee, and other soft drinks. Ten years later they were asked if they had been diagnosed with depression since the year 2000. Over 11,300 had been.

What’s intriguing here is that the go to culprit, Sugar, is believed to be innocent, at least for the most part. Instead researchers believe artificial sweeteners used in these drinks are the ones to blame.

Those that drank four or more sodas per day were 30% more likely to develop depression. Those that stuck with fruit punch actually had a 38% chance to develop depression (artificial sweeteners.) However, there is some light at the end of this depressing tunnel. For those that need that caffeine kick in the morning and drank coffee had a 10% lower risk to develop depression.

Though this is an interesting study, it’s not confirmed and is only preliminary. So cutting back on these beverages doesn’t mean you’ll cure your depression.

Source: Yahoo! Health

Curing blindness with Whiskey


A man in New Zealand drank an excessive amount of Vodka, while on diabetes medication, causing him to go blind. Once in the hospital, doctors prescribed him Whiskey, which did, in fact, cure his blindness.

How does this happen? Well, first off, you can’t have your blindess cured unless it’s caused by formaldehyde poisoning. Which occurs when you ingest to much methanol, which is abundant in Vodka. However, if you ingest enough ethanol, which is found in whiskey, you can cure this blindness since Whiskey stops the metabolizing of methanol in the body.

As Forrest Wickham was quoted:

“If you drink yourself blind, can you really be cured by drinking whiskey? Yes. Methanol poisoning occurs when your body metabolizes dangerous quantities of methanol, resulting in too much acid in the blood. This acid can then damage or kill cells in the optic nerve. However, the body prefers ethanol (regular drinking alcohol) to methanol, so drinking whiskey or other unadulterated liquor can help prevent the body from metabolizing more methanol. No one who suffers from methanol poisoning should self-medicate with whiskey. If you suspect you’ve consumed methanol, you should call poison control immediately. But if you go to the hospital, don’t be surprised if the doctor tries to cure you with a few shots of the hard stuff.”

Source: Inquisitr

Diet soda, not so diet

diet soda

Despite soda companies labeling some of their products as “diet”, they’re really not.

A University of Texas Health Science Center study found that the more “diet” soda you consume, the greater the risk of becoming obese climbs. In fact, 2 or more cans a day can increased waistlines by 500%. This is due to artificial sweeteners, which disrupt the body’s natural ability to regulate your calorie intake based on the sweetness of foods.

So, when they say “Tastes just like Coke!” They mean, “it confuses your body!”
Diet things aren’t supposed to taste good, because they’re not supposed to make your crave more. They’re supposed to do quite the opposite actually.

Source: rockzi.com

Grapefruit and medication. Possibly a fatal mix

We’ve all been told never take medication with alcohol. Well you can add grapefruit to that if you take any of these 85 different drugs.

How serious could this really be? Well, David Bailey of Lawson Health Research Institute says “Half of these drugs actually can cause sudden death” (hours after eating or drinking grapefruit.)

Grapefruit has compounds furanocoumarins that can keep drugs from breaking down, keeping more of these drugs inside your body, allowing them to build up to lethal levels or toxic levels.

Below is a link to the drugs that have fatal side effects with grapefruit. And as a fair warning, the report by Canadian Medical Association Journal shows that not many doctors know about these dangerous combonations.

Click here to see the full list.

All the drugs mentioned in the list are oral drugs.

Source: Yahoo! Health

Not breathing? Maybe it’s your anxiety pills

Ativan is a prescription drug used to treat anxiety.

Ativan, a prescription drug used to treat anxiety has one side effect that could, well, cause anxiety. Nothing makes you panic more than not being able to inhale some refreshing, life saving, oxygen. However, Ativan has a side effect “Periods of Not Breathing.”

This side effect isn’t very noticeable though, so no need to panic that you’re going to stop breathing and notice. Most don’t actually notice, it’s kinda like when your heart skips a beat, you never really know. But, this is still a severe side effect and if periods of not breathing occur more often, as in, if you’re starting to notice it more, you should see your doctor.

Source: webmd.com

Hormonal treatment reduces Homosexuality

**First, I want to make something clear. I am not homosexual nor am I against homosexuality in any way. This article is simply to explain a side effect (like all of them) of a certain hormonal therapy of which I find has an odd side effect**

There’s a hormonal therapy out there to prevent ambiguous genitalia that’s offered to woman that may be carrying such infants. It is, of course, not without any health risk. However, the potential side effect it holds seem to be catching much more attention. During studies, they’ve learned that it can reduce homosexuality in females. Furthermore, it increases chances that she will have more feminine and behavioral traits.

This is certainly a strange side effect.


Source: psychcentral.com