Depression? Or painful erection?

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When some people are depressed they often rely on prescription drugs to get them out of bed and make them feel happier overall. One side effect of depression is erectile dysfunction and no man ever feels great when that occurs.

However, Pfizer has made an antidepressant called Zoloft, to help combat depression and make you your fun, sappy self again. Which could mean, no more ED. But one unusual side effect of Zoloft is painful erection. Unlike Viagra, it doesn’t help get you erect, or help improve your stamina. It instead makes your erection potentially painful. And some patients have described these erections as “unbearable”.

So, aspiring male adult actors, if you’re depressed, Zoloft is not for you.

Zoloft is a prescription antidepressant drug prescribed to patients with severe depression.

**You should never use Zoloft for anything other than it’s intended use with a prescription from a doctor. Prescription drugs can be hazardous or even fatal when misused!**


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