Curing blindness with Whiskey


A man in New Zealand drank an excessive amount of Vodka, while on diabetes medication, causing him to go blind. Once in the hospital, doctors prescribed him Whiskey, which did, in fact, cure his blindness.

How does this happen? Well, first off, you can’t have your blindess cured unless it’s caused by formaldehyde poisoning. Which occurs when you ingest to much methanol, which is abundant in Vodka. However, if you ingest enough ethanol, which is found in whiskey, you can cure this blindness since Whiskey stops the metabolizing of methanol in the body.

As Forrest Wickham was quoted:

“If you drink yourself blind, can you really be cured by drinking whiskey? Yes. Methanol poisoning occurs when your body metabolizes dangerous quantities of methanol, resulting in too much acid in the blood. This acid can then damage or kill cells in the optic nerve. However, the body prefers ethanol (regular drinking alcohol) to methanol, so drinking whiskey or other unadulterated liquor can help prevent the body from metabolizing more methanol. No one who suffers from methanol poisoning should self-medicate with whiskey. If you suspect you’ve consumed methanol, you should call poison control immediately. But if you go to the hospital, don’t be surprised if the doctor tries to cure you with a few shots of the hard stuff.”

Source: Inquisitr