Breast cancer prevention drug may cause rare tumor

Breast cancer is an issue that effects women, there’s really no cure for it, but there are treatments of all sorts to prevent it from spreading. And in the past few years, treatment has grown, and success rates are even higher. One of the many treatments out there for breast cancer is Tamoxifen. A prescription drug used to prevent the growth of basic breast cancers by blocking the effects of estrogen.

Like all drugs it has side effects, one of which I found to be quite questionable. It has a rare risk of causing a tumor. This new tumor wouldn’t be estrogen sensitive, meaning breast cancer medications wouldn’t do you any good. Luckily it only occurs in women that have been taking Tamoxifen for more than 5 years AND only 1 out of every 7 of them show signs of a new tumor. Making the risks of this new tumor incredibly low. Even more good news – it was never seen in any women that have been taking the drug for less than 5 years.
So, to sum it up. It’s a drug that’s supposed to help prevent a cancer that can cause a tumor. That’s a very questionable side effect.